Visitor comments

‘Well worth a visit for the stargazers and physics lovers. There are many interesting exhibits on show.’ (4 stars – tripadvisor January 2015)

‘Very welcoming.’ (5 stars – tripadvisor January 2015)

‘A very interesting museum with an excellent introductory film.’  (4 stars – tripadvisor December 2014)

‘Brilliant.  Lots of original artefacts owned by the Herschels – I felt I was walking alongside them.’  (5 stars – tripadvisor December 2014)

‘A hidden gem of a museum no more than 8 minutes from the Roman Baths.’  (5 stars – tripadvisor December 2014)

‘Visiting the house where the Herschels discovered Uranus was a great privilege.’  (5 stars – tripadvisor December 2014)

‘The historical significance of the house is huge.’  (4 stars – tripadvisor November 2014)

‘A ‘must’ for a visit…  Well done to Bath for retaining this historic location.’  (5 stars – tripadvisor November 2014)

‘It was incredible to be in the house where planets, comets and asteroids were discovered.’  (5 stars – tripadvisor November 2014)

‘A lovely place to visit and one that will stay in my memory for a very long time.’  (5 stars – tripadvisor October 2014)

‘Lovely house, great displays, something for everyone.’  (5 stars – tripadvisor August 2014)

‘To be in that little garden where this huge planet Uranus was discovered, was an amazing feeling!’  (5 stars – tripadvisor July 2014)

‘It was very cool standing in the place where a planet was discovered!’  (5 stars – tripadvisor June 2014)

‘A Real Joy – even to a Non-Astronomer.’  (5 stars – tripadvisor April 2014)

‘Caroline ROCKS! ’ (5 stars – tripadvisor March 2014)

‘Very cool :)’ (5 stars – tripadvisor December 2013)

‘Loved the cracked floor in the workroom where the mercury leaked from the furnace!’  (5 stars – tripadvisor October 2013)

‘Fans of the history of science and of life in Bath will enjoy this museum.’ (5 stars – tripadvisor May 2013)

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