17th September Book Launch at the Herschel Museum, Double the Stars by Kelley Swain, a novel based on the life of Caroline Herschel. From 5.30pm.


Admission is free, but by ticket only 01225 446865.

12th-20th September Jane Austen Festival

16th The Reverend Austen’s Sundial  10.30-11.30

Debbie James, Curator of the Herschel Museum of Astronomy invites you to join her on a private tour of the astronomical instruments in the museum.

Butterfield, silver sundial c.1690

Green Park Buildings Tuesday 29th January 1805, Jane Austen to her brother Francis, later Sir Francis Austen, Admiral of the Fleet

My dearest Frank

My Mother has found among our dear Father’s little personal property, a small astronomical Instrument which she hopes you will accept for his sake. It is I believe a Compass & Sun-dial, & is in a Black Chagreen Case….

Tickets: £12 from Bath Box Office on sale June/July further details


18th September  Jane and Caroline  10.30-12.30  Doors open 10.15am.

As part of the Jane Austen Festival – A Unique Creative Writing Workshop with Kelley Swain.

Jane Austen created a whole world on a little bit of ivory, whilst Caroline Herschel discovered new worlds in the night sky. Kelley Swain, author of Double the Stars, will show you how a contemporary novelist brings the past to life for the modern reader.

Tickets: £12 each from Bath Box Office: on sale June/July 2014 further details

Kelley Swain

Kelley Swain

18th September  Author Kelley Swain will be reading from her novel about Caroline Herschel, Double the Stars. Free with admission to the museum.


25th October – 2nd November Heritage Open Week

Free admission for local residents with a Discovery Card.

Miss Herschel Invites

Caroline Herschel is holding a very special dinner party for important, influential and inspiring women past and present.  Over the week you are invited to come and add a name card for the woman you think deserves to be at Caroline’s dinner table.  You can also vote on our facebook page-

Enjoy our family trail and special fun activity making a Caroline silhouette.





















Alongside our usual astronomy and space workshops the museum also offers historical and creative workshops on special themes.



Special out of hours workshops for youth groups geared to astronomy achievement awards.
To discuss your requirements and make a booking contact our Learning Officer on 01225 446865 or email



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