2017 Exhibition


The Musical and Scientific Life of 18th century Bath

17 April  to 10 December 2017  at the Herschel Museum of Astronomy

As well as the 250th anniversary of the Royal Crescent, 2017 also marks the 250th anniversary of William Herschel taking up the post of Director of Music in Bath.  Herschel later went on to make major astronomical discoveries, but his passion for music continued throughout his life.  He was a prolific composer, musician and teacher, whilst his sister Caroline excelled as a singer in the many concerts and recitals conducted buy her brother.  The exhibition  focuses on the development of music in Bath during the Enlightenment and its importance to the social and cultural life of the City when it was at its most fashionable and vibrant.

The Jubilate Concert Series (September) will pay homage to the composers and musicians who also worked in Bath (such as Joseph Haydn and Herschel’s successor, Venanzio Rauzzini) and runs in conjunction with the exhibition. There will be five concerts, developed in collaboration with Bath Spa University and featuring a variety of ensembles playing a wide-ranging programme. There will be something for everyone!

Media Release – Jubilate Exhibition at Herschel Museum opens

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