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“I have looked further into space than any human being did before me”

William Herschel

The Herschel Museum of Astronomy is dedicated to the many achievements of the Herschels, who were distinguished astronomers as well as talented musicians. It was from this house, using a telescope of his own design that William discovered the planet Uranus in 1781. His observations helped to double the known size of the solar system. Following a tradition of the great astronomers of the Renaissance he pushed forward the science of building telescopes. He was rewarded for his work by King George III, and also received the Copley Medal. Caroline also made a huge contribution to the field of astronomy. The work of the Herschels clearly had an impact on modern science and space exploration.

The late Sir Patrick Moore was a patron of the museum and described William Herschel as “the first man to give a reasonably correct picture of the shape of our star-system or galaxy, the best telescope-maker of his time, and possibly the greatest observer who ever lived”.

Our photo library offers a range of images of the Herschels and the museum including portraits, general views and museum objects. Please enquire about reproduction fees.

About the Bath Preservation Trust

The Bath Preservation Trust was founded in 1934 as a small pressure group, with the object of protecting the city’s unique architectural heritage. Its first action was to fight plans to pull down parts of the picturesque Georgian city of Bath, in England, to make way for a new road. The road was never built. Since this victory, the Trust has saved hundreds more listed buildings from demolition, and has successfully confronted many similar threats to the City. Today the Trust has approximately 1,400 subscribing members from the UK and overseas supporting its work.

The Trust exists to preserve the historic character and amenities of Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the only city in the UK afforded World Heritage Status. The popularity of this beautiful city does have its disadvantages for there are constant threats to the city’s 6,400 listed buildings, unsympathetic urban intrusions and an increasing threat of development in the city’s green belt. The Trust resists harmful changes to the architectural integrity of the City but supports appropriate new developments. A major part of the Trust’s work is reviewing all planning applications and listed building consent applications submitted to Bath & North East Somerset Council and responding as necessary.

Working positively, the Trust contributes financially to remedial works that enhance the city’s Georgian character. On a larger scale, it has rescued properties as diverse as cottages which once housed artisans who built the great Georgian architectural set pieces, and the historically significant Beckford’s Tower, now owned by the Bath Preservation Trust and run as a museum.

The Bath Preservation Trust is an independent charity, registered with the Charity Commission of England & Wales, and is a company limited by guarantee. It has a voluntary Chairman and board of Trustees, approximately ten permanent staff and 1,400 subscribing members. With prudent management the Trust is financially self-sufficient and independent of any controlling agency; a unique position for a heritage organization to hold within the UK.


The Royal Institute of British Architects
Save Britain’s Heritage

Registered Office

Bath Preservation Trust, 1 Royal Crescent, Bath BA1 2LR, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1225 338727 Fax: +44 (0)1225 481850

Registered in England No. 294789
Charity No. 203048