Star Seekers – Astronomy Then and Now

Three schoolchildren looking into a display case

The ‘Star Seekers’ project is a new learning and engagement programme funded by the Ernest Cook Foundation. The project is exploring the life, times and legacy of William and Caroline Herschel, interpreting this fascinating story in new ways and offering learning experiences for new audiences both on site and in schools.

Participants will understand the connection across four centuries between the Herschels’ trailblazing work designing telescopes and discovering galaxies and comets, and modern achievements such as the space probe Voyager 2’s journey past Uranus, and the 2009 Herschel telescope.

If you would like your school or community group to be involved in this project please contact the Learning & Engagement team on 01225 338727, or via email.

We will also be running several project events that are open to the public – see our events page for details.