The Star Vault Astronomy Auditorium – ‘Constructing the Heavens’
A short, award-winning film (narrated by the late Sir Patrick Moore) introduces the visitor to the Herschels and the impact of their scientific achievements on modern space exploration.

Workshop Touchscreen
The actual workshop where Herschel ground his exceptional mirrors and constructed his telescopes is brought to life by an interactive touchscreen demonstrating the tools and machinery he used.

Audio Tour
There is an audio tour of the museum available (£1 hire from admissions desk). Using contemporary records, this tour describes the lives and work of William and Caroline Herschel, as well as the career of John Herschel (William’s son), who continued their pioneering astronomical work.

Digital Books
Several rare books, such as Caroline Herschel’s visitors’ book, can be viewed in detail on a monitor near the admissions desk.

A Japanese version of the museum tour is available. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and English can all be accessed on QR Labels with a smart phone.

Family Trail, Handling Box, and Replica House
‘Amazing Astronomy’ – an exciting trail for children – is available to buy from the admissions desk (£1.50). A handling box and a replica house of 19 New King Street make the museum a fun place for families and younger visitors.