Working with the Herschel Museum

Primary School Project

During this academic year the Herschel Museum has been working on a pilot Education Project with a local Bath school.  The project was partly school based and the children visited the museum several times. The children in our pilot group were Year 4.  We had great fun studying the Solar System and looking at various astronomical topics back as far as the Antikythera Mechanism up to and including the work of William and Caroline Herschel.  There was a very exciting evening looking at the night sky with the help of one our volunteer astronomers.  Pieces of the children’s work formed a special exhibition in the Caroline Lucretia Gallery of the museum entitled ‘Bright Stars ‘,  this was a  very rewarding experience for the children.  The scope of the work included astronomy, social history, science and art work.

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We are hoping that another school will be interested in working with us on a similar project next year, the work can be tailored to meet the needs of your school.  We are happy to work with a class or smaller group of children who you feel would most benefit from this unique experience.

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If you would like to discuss this project in more detail please email Susan at